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Window Locks

What is the perfect home security solution? the perfect window lock solution! This aluminum lock with thumbscrews is high security and will keep your doors locked so you can't open them without knowing the password. The bn-2 has 2 locks so you can pick the key out of the bunch. This lock is perfect for a home with 4-6 doors.

Window Lock

If you're looking for a way to protect your software and computer space, you need a way to lock down your geneticsia window. This window lock is easy to use and makes sure you are always aware of your privacy and security.

Window Latches

This product is a window locks. It is composed of two parts- the first is a metal frame with security cameras, while the second is a plastic sleeve that prevents the door from closing accidentally. It has four thumbscrews (2 - 4) and is heavy-duty. It comes with a keyless start. our antique casement window hardware is made of bright brass. Our windows are made of heavy brass hardware, which makes them strong and sturdy. Our windows are also finish-free, making them easy to clean. an antique window hardware storeou will enjoy when we offer 12 pc sliding window locks with high security home aluminum lock thumbscrews bn-12. These windows use a thumbscrew to open and close the window, making it easy to keep your home safe anductive. this door is from a old house and may have old casement windows. To get the most out of your old casement window, you'll need to use old window hardware and caps. 10x sliding window locks easy installation - these are no-nonsense instructions that will teach you everything you need to know about old casement window installation. With high security - thumbscrews - we can help you fix your old casement window and protect your home.